What Happens Next

Thank you for requesting a quote. Your details will be passed on to the relevant advisor and they will be in touch shortly.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our call because remember for every quote we provide we will make a donation to the club or charity whose fundraising efforts you are choosing to support.


Did You Know…

…There are more ways you can help your chosen cause!

Just like you, your friends and family can support your fundraising efforts by undertaking a free quote. Either share the Facebook post your chosen cause has shared or tell them to visit: https://www.yourmortgagepeople.co.uk/fundraising-quote/ today.

 Or if you want to help raise more money….Whenever one of our customers recommends our mortgage advice service to someone they know, and that person goes on to complete a mortgage arranged through us, we send out a £100 voucher to say thank you.

You can give this voucher to your chosen cause, or elect to have the £100 paid directly to a registered charity as per our terms & conditions.