If you’re struggling to arrange a mortgage because your requirements or circumstances aren’t as straight forward as most people, your hunt for a solution can stop here.

The specialist mortgage brokers at Your Mortgage People search the whole of market and have access to a range of specialist lenders, who will consider borrowers like you that are in a unique position.

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How Specialist Mortgages Work

A Specialist Mortgage is a type of lending for borrowers with unusual circumstances or requirements. The Specialist Finance marketplace provides financing solutions such as homeowner loans, buy-to-let, development & self-build finance, complex first charge mortgages, mortgages for non-conventional properties or adverse/poor credit mortgages.

Getting approved for a Specialist Mortgage can be tricky, which is why we recommend having an expert, specialist mortgage broker by your side to put your mind at ease.

1. Send us an enquiry enquiry to let us know you require a specialist mortgage

2. Your specialist broker will make contact and tell you all about our process so they can begin finding you the best deal

3. We help you gather together everything you need for your application, and submit it to the lender

4. The lender confirms their mortgage offer and your new mortgage begins on the new terms agreed

5. Funds are released at the amount agreed in the mortgage terms, with you repaying the amount with interest as part of the mortgage




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