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Product Transfers offer an opportunity for borrowers to take advantage of new mortgage deals with their current lender, rather than moving to a different provider to find what they’re looking for. Product Transfers present a number of benefits such as lower interest rates, tailored features, time efficiency and staying with a trusted lender.

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How A Product Transfer Works

A Product Transfer usually occurs when a deal is due to expire and involves applying for a new mortgage while staying with the same lender in the same property. This means you’ll get a new mortgage for the same amount but at a different rate.

Many lenders are allow customers to lock in their new deal up to 6 months before their current deal ends. Not only will this allow you to avoid the impact of further interest rate rises, it will also reduce your chances of falling onto the Standard Variable Rate. This automatically happens if a fixed, tracker or discount deal mortgage comes to an end and a new deal hasn’t been arranged. The Standard Variable Rate is usually significantly higher than the rates agreed on other types of mortgages, meaning your monthly repayments are higher.

With our expertise and dedication, our advisors can guide you through the Product Transfer process, ensuring that you secure the best deal for suit your needs.

1. Send us an enquiry to let us know you’re interested

2. Your advisor will make contact and tell you all about our process so they can begin finding you the best deal

3. We help you gather together everything you need for your application, and submit it to the lender

4. The lender confirms their mortgage offer and your new mortgage begins on the new terms agreed

5. Funds are released at the amount agreed in the mortgage terms, with you repaying the amount with interest as part of the mortgage




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