If you’re a homeowner looking to make an expensive, one-off purchase or investment, but you’re unsure where you’ll find the money, look no further than a Homeowner Loan arranged through Your Mortgage People.

A Homeowner Loan (also known as a Secured Loan or Second Charge Mortgage) allows you to use the value of your home to borrow lump sums of money, with the amount you’ve borrowed secured against your property.

By securing your property against the loan, the lender is taking less risk and, in return, offers a lower interest rate. Alternatively, you can use the loan to consolidate debt with high monthly payments to lower your monthly outgoings.

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How Homeowner Loans Work

A Homeowner Loan is a type of personal credit where a lender provides you with a lump sum of money, with the amount you borrow secured against your home.

Because the money is secured against your property and the lender has security, you can often borrow higher amounts and make lower repayments than with personal loans. They can be used for funding home improvements or one-off purchases as well as consolidating expensive debt. You can use a Homeowner Loan as long as you own your property outright or have a mortgage. They can usually run for between 1 and 35 years and are available even if your credit score is less than perfect!

Getting a Homeowner Loan is often a stressful and complicated process, and that’s why having a qualified, expert broker on your side (to guide you through the process from start to finish) can be invaluable.

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3. We help you gather together everything you need for your application, and submit it to the lender

4. The lender confirms their offer and your new loan begins on the new terms agreed

5. Funds are released by the lender at the amount agreed in the loan terms, with you repaying the amount with interest as part of the loan




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