Life Insurance Advisor


Life can be difficult to predict, which is why we arrange affordable and cheap life insurance cover to give your family the support they need should you suddenly pass away. Critical Illness insurance pays out a lump sum should you be diagnosed with one of a number of specified illnesses. Many modern policies also pay an amount if your child is diagnosed with an illness.

Some people feel Critical Illness is very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. One leading provider states that over half of their customers pay £17.50 a month or less for their Critical Illness plan*.

Many will reassess their life and critical illness insurance needs when they remortgage to raise funds, or when they have a new addition to the family. Speak to one of our agents to discuss your needs.

Other forms of protection

When you’re ill or injured and can’t work, Income Protection Insurance will pay a proportion of your lost earnings so you can concentrate on your recovery. The payment is made to you on a monthly basis so you can maintain your normal lifestyle while not at work.

Family Income Benefit is a form of life insurance. However unlike traditional life insurance, it pays money to your beneficiaries on a monthly basis, rather than as a lump sum. The benefit of this is that it allows you to budget with a regular, fixed and tax-free income.